Why don't reserve textbooks or a research guide display on my Canvas course's Library page?

The ARC Library page in Canvas is programmed to include course-specific content. In order for this to work, the Course Code must be in a standard format; otherwise the page has no way to know which course is being used to access it.

You may, however, change the Course Name as desired, with no ill effects on the Library page. Consider that this is the main thing students will see, with the Course Code listed underneath in a secondary, deemphasized color.

Course Details

Name:              ENGWR 300 Singh Spring 2022     Change name as needed


Course Code:     ARC Sp22 ENGWR 300 LEC 12389 Singh     Leave code as is


If you have already changed the Course Code and want to change it back, below is an example of correct format:
ARC Sp21 ENGWR 300 LEC 12345 Smith

In other words:

  1. ARC
  2. Term (on the model Fa22, Sp23, Su23, etc.)
  3. Department code/abbreviation (must match Schedule of Classes)
  4. Course number
  5. LEC or LAB
  6. 5-digit course identifier
  7. Instructor’s last name

Note that when you make changes to these fields, you may need to log out and back in to see them reflected in the course as listed on the Canvas Dashboard.

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