How do I print from a personal device to library printers?

To print from a personal device documents/files need to be uploaded to the Los Rios PaperCut website in your device browser. Unfortunately this means printing from devices such as smartphones or tablets, etc. is only possible if the file is not in another application (e.g. Canvas) but in your device files (e.g. photos, iCloud, etc.). 
Therefore it is recommended that you print from a personal desktop computer, laptop or computer in the library rather than from a smartphone or tablet as library staff will likely not be able to assist you with troubleshooting issues with various mobile devices. 

  1. Go to 
  2. Log in to PaperCut with your student ID (w#) and Los Rios password. 
  3. Select “Web Print” from the left hand menu 
  4. Click on the green “Submit a Job” button 
  5. Under “Location/Department” there will be two options for “ARC Library
    1. Library_Printers” is for printing in black and white
    2. Library_Printer_Color” is for printing in color 
  6. Once you have selected the printer, scroll down and click the green button “Print Options and Account Selection
  7. Click on the green button “Upload Documents
  8. You can drag and drop files or click the green button “Upload from computer” 
    1. Please note the allowed file types
  9. After adding your file(s) click the green button at the bottom to “Upload & Complete
    1. Note: you may need to wait a few seconds for your files to be uploaded
  10. If you are not in the library, it is recommended that you wait to release your prints until you are in the library building. See staff for assistance with releasing prints from the library release station devices near library printers if you will not have your device with you when you come to the library. 
  11. If in the library, you can continue and complete the following steps from your device:
    1. In the menu on the left click on “Jobs Pending Release” 
    2. From that screen you will see a list of jobs you have sent to be printed including information for each job:
      1. the submit time 
      2. which printer(s) you sent to (Library_Printers = black and white. Library Printers_Color = color), 
      3. document type and partial title, 
      4. number of pages
      5. Cost 
    3. Click [print] in the “ACTION” column on the far right to release individual prints to the printers in the library OR click the green “Release All” button. 
      1. If printing in Black and White you will need to pick one of the three printers in the library - all are in the same location and it does not matter which one you choose. 
      2. Once you click on the printer name your print will be released. 
    4. Your prints will be available at the printers near the Circulation desk in the library. 

Make sure you don’t accidentally take someone else’s prints!

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