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What if I cannot find any OER that would work for my course?

There are new OER being published every single day. It's quite possible that you won't find a single resource that can replace your current textbook. But, you very likely could find pieces from multiple sources that could be put together to create a resource that will be free to your students.

Your curated resource might include sections, chapters, or even single pages from other OER. It might include articles or videos that you have identified from the college library. It might include copyrighted material that is freely available online, like a YouTube video or TED talk. And, it might include sections that you have written yourself. All of these would be acceptable and would meet the goals of this project.

Participants are encouraged to watch this short video: OER Creation is Liberation

And, take a look at this OER textbook that does everything that's described above: LIBR 324: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy:

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