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How do you expect me to do this while I'm teaching a full load of classes?

The college understands the incredible workload that's involved in reworking course materials, changing textbooks, and potentially having to write/create resources for your courses. That is why the award amount is so high ($5000 for 1.0 FTE faculty). This is the largest award that's ever been offered in the district for this type of work.

If you focus on the goal rather than the steps it will take to get to the goal, you will likely be paralyzed.

Instead, challenge yourself to spend a little time each day of the work week to devote to this project. This could be 30 minutes a day that are devoted to this task.

In the beginning, spend your time searching for sources that could replace your commercial textbook and learning material. Then spend some time evaluating what you've found to make sure it meets your standards. Then begin organizing the order in which you'd like to present content and determining if there are gaps that might need to be filled in by you or your collaborators.

The hope is that faculty will work together on projects so that efforts aren't duplicated.

Before any of this work begins, you should refamiliarize yourself with the course SLOs and any learning goals you've articulated for each chapter, unit, module, etc. Make sure the content you're curating meets these goals.

Lastly, make sure you've filled out the OER Award Program application. This will help the program lead see who is working on what so that peers can be connected and so faculty working in category 3 can be assigned to help faculty working in categories 1 and 2. You can read more about the categories on the website: CRC OER Award Program.