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My students have access to the required textbook because my program has purchased a class set. Does this qualify as ZTC and the OER Award Program?

Yes and no.

Yes to ZTC

If you have used grant funds or other monies to purchase a class set of commercial textbooks or other class materials and these are handed out through your program or they are available through the college library, your class would be considered a Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) because your students don't have to pay additional fees to purchase learning materials for the class. You are encouraged to fill out the ZTC designation form every semester: Zero Textbook Cost form. [1]

No to Qualifying for the OER Award Program

The idea behind the Open Educational Resource (OER) Award Program is to pay faculty for the hard work that is required to convert your course from relying on commercial textbooks. This will likely mean creating new, free resources that are curated from OER, freely available online material, and material licensed through the college library. This newly created resource will be available for free to students in the long-term. If you're not doing the work to try to achieve this goal, but are instead relying on grant monies to purchase commercial textbooks, you would not qualify for the award program.

Any commercial textbook you're currently using, will eventually have to be replaced either because copies aren't returned by students or because a newer edition needs to be adopted. Funds that are available now might not be available when you need to update, which makes this solution unsustainable. The following FAQs may also help answer your questions about OER and the award program:

[1] The district-wide textbook affordability task force is working to make this process more streamlined so that each Los RIos college has a similar process for ZTC designation and multiple forms don't need to be completed each semester.