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Is OER acceptable for articulation agreements?

Yes! The ASCCC OERI has provided clear guidance regarding OER and articulation, including CSU and UC support for and use of Open Education Resources. Faculty at both organizations use and recommend OER for student success. In 2016, CSU was listed as the second largest adopter of the OpenStax textbook library, saving its students a whopping $2.3M.

You can list an OER textbook on your Course Outline of Record (COR) in a way that a reviewer could access the content (e.g., ISBN or URL). The URL is especially important because OER typically "live" online. For tips on attribution of an OER Textbook, see the FAQ: How do I cite an OER on my course outline or syllabi?

It is not OK to simply list OER or provide a collection of links to lecture notes or other web pages on your COR. It's best to list a representative OER textbook that reviewers can assess.

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