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I converted my course to ZTC long before the college offered the OER Award Program. Can I still participate?

Yes! If you converted your course to Zero Textbook Costs before the college began offering the stipend, you still qualify for the OER Award Program. By signing up, you are committing to eventually convert all of your classes to ZTC, but if you've already done that work, the college feels strongly that you should be compensated for it.

You can still sign up in categories two or three:

  • Category Two: Faculty who are already using OER are asked to review and revise/remix their material to ensure accessibility and culturally relevant content.
  • Category Three: Faculty who are already using OER which are accessible and culturally relevant are asked to support their peers who are participating in categories one and two in finding, editing and adopting OER material.

If you sign up in these categories, in order to receive the final payment, you are still required to complete the Module 4 assignment in the Free the Textbook Course. In addition you're asked to write a short paragraph describing how you've supported your colleagues in their ZTC efforts.

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