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Where can I find a book, audio or video recording that is not available at CRC or another Los Rios College Library?

Public Library

The Sacramento Public Library has 28 branch locations with a huge collection of books, magazines, DVDs, audiobooks and more. Unlike the college library, the public library has many items for recreational reading and viewing: comics & graphic novels, music cds, popular movies & TV shows, childrens books for all ages and interests. Anyone with identification as a California resident can get a free library card with full borrowing privileges.

CRC students are especially fortunate to have a public library branch directly across the street from campus. The Valley Hi - North Laguna Library is located at 7400 Imagination Parkway opposite the CRC parking structure on Bruceville Road.

Map with directions to the Sacramento Public Library Valley Hi-North Laguna branch.

InterLibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that borrows books and acquires journal articles that the Cosumnes River College Library and other colleges in the Los Rios District do not own. The CRC Library requests the resources you need from partner libraries in California and across the country. Before requesting an item, please verify that no Los Rios libraries already own it by looking for it in library search. You can also ask a librarian for help.

Please note that materials requested via ILL should be for academic use. For materials of personal interest, please use your local public library.

Request an Item via InterLibrary Loan

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