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Can I print or copy things at the Library?

Yes! The Library provides printers and copiers for students to use. 

Listed below is the process for printing from any personal device. Printing from library computers follows a similar process, and we have staff and resources available in the Library to assist you with your printing/copying needs.

  1. Connect to the LRCCD WiFi network

  2. Navigate using a web browser to Papercut.

  3. Log in with your W+ID and Los Rios password

  4. Click Web Print

PaperCut homepage with arrow pointing to Web Print

  1. Click Submit a Job

Web Print page with arrow pointing to "Submit a Job" button

  1. Select either the Black & White or the Color queue for Cosumnes River College

List of printers with CRC options highlighted

  1. Select the desired number of copies
  2. Upload your documents and click Upload & Complete
  3. Your job is processed and held in the PrintAnywhere queue

Web Print page with current job highlighted

  1. Head to any Print Release Station to pay for and collect your print job. Here are the instructions for using a Print Release Station.


Sustainability is one of CRCs core values. Please consider the environmental costs of printing (paper, ink, electricity, etc.). As you use our printing/photocopying services, we ask that you do so responsibly, while observing copyright law.

See Campus Computer labs for more information about printing and copying.

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