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How do I renew an item that I have checked out?

Renewing Items

  • For many library materials, the due date will automatically renew one time. 
    • Automatic renewals will take place as long as the material has not been requested by another student and as long as your library account is in good standing (no overdue items or blocks).
    • Renewals will extend the due date by the same amount of days as the original loan (ex. If you borrowed an item that was due in 10 days, the automatic renewal would be for 10 days.)
    • Due dates will not automatically renew if another student has requested the item or the renewal will put the due date past the end of the semester. 
    • After the first automatic renewal, students may continue renewing items using their library account
  • You may find the due date of an item and renew it for longer through your library account (see below). 
  • Loans may not be renewed past the last day of the semester. All borrowed materials are due back by this date. 
Loan Length Is it renewable?
2 - hour loans  No
10 - day loans Yes (Automatic, unlimited until end of semester unless requested)
3 - week loans Yes (Automatic, unlimited until end of semester unless requested)
1 - semester No


Chromebook/Laptop Loans 

If you have a laptop or Chromebook from the CRC library, the loan does not automatically renew. CRC Library staff manually renew your loan for the upcoming semester if you contact the library. Please provide a copy of your class schedule for the upcoming semester when requesting a renewal. 

My Library Account

If you have items checked out from the Library, you may view the due date and other details through your Library Account

Login via OneSearch: Use your wID and password for single-sign on. 

screenshot of Onesearch with arrows to log in

Select the Loans tab to view the due date and renew your materials. 

screenshot of my account in Onesearch with arrow to loans

If you have questions about the materials you have on loan, please contact the Library Circulation Desk (916) 691-7266.

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