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How do I make an appointment to visit the Library?

After October 1, 2021, only students and employees who meet the district’s COVID vaccine requirement may access on-campus services.

Register to visit the CRC Library for in-person library services. 

Once you are here, you may utilize any of the following services, and you may stay in the library as long as needed on the date of your visit. Available in-person services: 

  • Borrow books and technology
  • Use a computer
  • Use silent study areas
  • Use group study areas (Note: All group members must set an individual appointment to visit the library.)
  • Use copiers/printers
  • Get quick research or technology help

Policies regarding in-person Library services for Fall 2021

  • Only individuals with a scheduled appointment will be permitted to access the Library after October 1st. 
  • Visitors may set an appointment in advance or upon arrival.
  • All visitors will be required to check in at the front of the Library before entering. 
  • All visitors must wear a mask at all times when indoors, per the district's policy. 
  • An appointment must be scheduled for each day that you want to visit the Library. 
  • Appointments may be scheduled up to 1 week in advance. 
  • Individuals with appointments may stay in the Library as long as needed within the Library's daily hours.
    • Library Hours: Tues-Thurs, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 
  • Individuals with appointments may leave and return within the same day without rescheduling. 

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