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How did library links change over winter break?

We've made a change to the way we provide off-campus access to library resources.  We've taken care of most of these changes in the background, but you will need to take action if you have certain types of library links or embed code in Canvas, your syllabus, or other course or promotional materials. If you are adjunct faculty teaching at multiple Los Rios colleges, it's also important that you're updating your links with the college specific information.

Which links do I need to change?

You will only need to change links that begin with or contain the EZproxy prefix

For example, a link to a JSTOR article

What about controlled digital lending books?

Any links to books that were scanned for the controlled digital lending program do not need to be changed. These links do not contain the proxy prefix and will not be impacted.

How should I update the link?

Swap out the existing prefix for the new prefix:

For example, you are teaching a course at Cosumnes River College and the link to an ebook in your Canvas course is:

You will change the link to:

Make it CRC

Unlike our old prefix, the new one is college-specific. This means that CRC students and employees can use CRC's prefix. Depending on the resource, they might also be able to use the prefixes from the other Los Rios colleges. But to ensure access, always use CRC's prefix when sharing links with other CRC folks.

Use the URL Converter Tool

You can also use this converter tool to update links to the proper format.

About Embedded Videos

if you have used Canvas's built-in Films on Demand app to embed a video in your Canvas class, this will continue to work without changes.

If you have embedded a Kanopy video, this also will continue to work, since Kanopy embed code does not use the proxy prefix.

If you have copied embed code from Films on Demand or another library-provided streaming video resource, this will likely include To ensure you get working embed code, please visit Films on Demand again, find the video, and copy the code. If you need help getting this done, please ask us.

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