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What is happening with the Jamboards and Google Jams in the CRC Library?

The Jamboards in library study rooms 8 through 12 are no longer connected to the internet. You can still use them, but you cannot save your work if you are using Google Jams on them. 

You can, however, use the Jamboards as external screens for your laptop or Chromebook.

How do I use a Jamboard as an external screen?

Follow these instructions. If you need help, please ask a Tech Helper, librarian, or other library staff!

Will the board still be a touchscreen?

Yes. You can check out a Jamboard pen from the Circulation Desk, or use your finger or a stylus.

What if I don't have a laptop or Chromebook?

You can borrow a Chromebook from the library at the Circulation Desk, as long as you are enrolled at CRC. 

Can I plug my smartphone or tablet into the Jamboard?

Some smartphones and tablets do work. We have tested Samsung Android devices. We do not have the equipment to connect iPhones or iPads. 

What can I use instead of Google Jams to keep my notes?

We recommend Google Keep. It's attached to your school email account and free. We put together instructions on how to get started

There are other whiteboard apps with more options and complexity such as Miro or Microsoft Whiteboard. The library staff is not trained on how to use these. 

Microsoft Whiteboard may be accessible with your school Microsoft account, the same one you can use to get Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office Products. 

Miro has an option for a free account. 


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