How do I connect to the wi-fi network in the library?

To connect, you should try the following approach:

  1. Select the LRCCD network in your wi-fi settings
  2. You should be prompted to enter your username and password. This is the same way you log in to eServices, Los Rios Gmail, and Canvas.
  3. You may be warned about the security risks and given a choice between connecting anyway or refusing. Be sure to select "Continue", "Connect", or whatever language is used to get you to the next step.

If you still cannot connect, there are various approaches to try, including:

  • be sure you know your password; sometimes these expire. To check, try logging in to eServices from a library computer. You can reset your password if necessary.
  • delete (or "forget") any existing FLC-related wireless networks in your wi-fi settings
  • if your wireless settings are managed via a program provided by your wi-fi card or laptop manufacturer (e.g. HP, Dell, Netgear), try disabling that program and then try to connect again.
  • if you are using a Mac, iPad or iPhone, go to your Settings > General and look for Profiles, and delete any LRCCD profile that exists
  • FLC's IT department has supplied instructions for manual configuration of some systems on the WiFi page.

You can also ask a librarian or staff member at the Research Help desk in the library or the Welcome Center if you are still having trouble and we will try our best to help.

Answered By: Amy Brinkley
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2024 Views: 25

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