How do I pick up library books from the FLC Lockers?

Library Lockers

Folsom Lake College now has lockers! When you request an item from the library, you will now have the option to choose to pick it up in the library during open hours or in a locker for 24/7, contact free pick-up.

When requesting a book, select FLC Lockers as your pickup location.

Choose FLC Lockers

When the library is ready to deliver your item to the locker, you will receive an email indicating that it will be available soon. 

When the item is ready for you to pickup from the locker, you will receive an email from with the subject line: Your Folsom Lake College item is ready!

In this email you will find an access code and a QR code.  Bring these codes with you when you come for pick-up.

The lockers have a touch screen and a QR code reader. You can either input the access code or scan the QR code you received, and your locker will open.  Once you've retrieved your item(s), please close the locker.

You will have 6 days to retrieve your items from the lockers, after which we will return the items to the library and delete the loan from your account.


The FLC Lockers are located on the North side of Building FL-5, near the accessible parking area in Parking lot C. 

The FLC Lockers are available 24/7.

Map showing route to FL-5 and Parking Lot C


Please note that the lockers are quite tall.  If you need a locker that is accessible, please contact the library at 916-608-6613, and we will make sure your library materials are placed in a locker you can reach. 

Luxer One

To provide locker services, the library has contracted with a third party, Luxer Corporation.

When you make a request for locker pickup, the Library provides your name, email address, phone number, and Los Rios user ID to Luxer so that it can send you notifications via email and (if desired) text message.

To use the lockers, you must accept accept Luxer One's terms of service. You may review these in advance at the Luxer One website.

If you do not want Luxer to receive this information, you should not use the lockers and may opt to pick up your library items in-person during regular library hours.

Answered By: Amy Brinkley
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 Views: 114