How do I print from a computer in the library?

These instructions cover the process of retrieving a print job using a Print Release Station in various locations throughout Folsom Lake College, El Dorado Center, and Rancho Cordova Center.

  1. Submit a print job:
    1. Select the desired printer

Print Button printer selection

Note: the specific look of the print menu will change depending on the application being used to perform the print operation.

  1. Locate a Print Release Station in one of the campus computer labs, classrooms, or Library.

print release station username password

  1. Log in using your W+ID and Los Rios Password
  1. Your print jobs are displayed alongside the cost for each job. ($0.10 B&W, $0.55 COLOR)

print release station

  1. Click Print next to each job you would like to release. From this screen you can also Print All jobs, Cancel individual jobs, or Cancel All jobs. *Jobs will automatically be removed from the queue after 8 hours.
Answered By: Rebecca Mendell
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