I see there are two viewer options for my digital book. Which should I use?

When you select a digital book, you will see in the "Reading Options" section that there are two viewers available. Digital titles will open in either viewer. 

Onesearch digital book record with viewers highlighted

Sign in and select the link of the viewer to open the digital book. Feel free to test out both viewers and see which you prefer. 

Onesearch digital book record with arrow to select link of primary viewer

The Primary viewer generally provides a better full-screen experience with the ability to zoom in/out of text allowing you to find a comfortable view for your reading experience.

The Alternative viewer may work better on mobile devices or devices with a small screen size. The Alternative viewer also allows you to search within the text of a digital file.

Learn more from our digital books user guide.

Answered By: Rebecca Mendell
Last Updated: Dec 02, 2022 Views: 10