How do I mark an item as "Missing" in Alma?


Note: Items can only be marked "Missing" if they are in status “Item In Place”. If Item is not in place (e.g. on loan or in a process type), this method will not work. See Marking In-Transit Items Missing below.

  1. Search in the Institution Zone (IZ) by Physical Title

    Screenshot of Alma displaying search for cheese and first results

  2. Locate the item and expand the Holdings/Items with the little arrow. Click Items.​ ​

    Screenshot of Alma holdings for the Stinky Cheese Man

  3. Locate which item you want to mark missing and click the row actions menu (ellipsis).

    Screenshot of Alma items with action menu

  4. Click Toggle Missing Status in the action menu.

    This will change the Status to Item not in place and the Process Type to Missing. You are done.

    Screenshot of Alma item showing missing status

Marking Requested Items Missing

Items which have been requested and are showing on the Pick from Shelf list can also be marked as missing. In this case, the request will move to other available holdings, or if none are available the patron will be notified that the request has been canceled.

Marking In-Transit Items Missing

As noted above, items that are In Transit cannot be marked as missing. The workaround for this situation is to scan the item in by copying and pasting the barcode. The item then shows as being available, so it can then be marked as missing in the normal way. However, since the item never actually arrived, it is important to include a note in the item's record. The recommendation is to put the note in the Fulfillment note field. (Example: Item is missing in transit from Natomas to ARC as of 8/2022. Had to manually scan item in, in order to mark it missing.)


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