How do I change a user's expiration date?


User Expiration Date

For most patrons, the user expiration date is set when the patron is loaded into Alma from the Student Information System (SIS load and synchronization jobs). For students and adjunct faculty, the expiration date is set for the end of the current or upcoming semester in which they are enrolled/employed. Full-time faculty and staff do not have an expiration date. 

The expiration date on a user's account is part of the "external data" that is controlled by the user sync jobs. External data is grayed out in Alma and not editable on the patron's record in it's normal state. 

Typically, the user's expiration date should not be modified. It will be maintained and updated automatically and should be left alone. 

In extreme circumstances (such as the COVID-19 closures), due dates for outstanding loans must be extended to an upcoming semester; however, a due date cannot extend past a user's expiration date. To modify the patron's expiration date, follow these steps. 

Changing a single user

1. Search for the user and open the patron record. 

Alma screenshot of patron record with arrows and instructions for clicking on user ID

2. In the upper right corner of the user's record, select "Open for Update".

Alma screenshot of open for update

3. A pop-up warning will display asking if you'd like to protect any fields from being updated by the User Sync. Select "NO". 

Alma screenshot of warning with arrows

4. Update the user's expiration date to a future date beyond the checkout date or remove the expiration date. Save.

Alma screenshot of patron general tab to edit expiration

5. Perform the checkout. 

Important Notes 

  • Changes to a user's expiration date will be overwritten in the daily user sync job.
  • Two weeks prior to the start of a new semester, the expiration date for all enrolled students will be updated to the end of the upcoming semester.

Changing a set of users

A system administrator can change the expiration date of a set of users using the Update/Notify User's Job. 

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