Q. What do I do when I ordered more users on an ebook and an extra portfolio and bib record got created?


When we order extra users on an ebook, we may end up creating an extra portfolio. In some cases we might even create an extra bib. That's not good, and we need to fix it.

Note: if the new licenses are for a different platform, e.g. we previously had an EBSCO ebook and got a license for ProQuest, we do want an extra portfolio, since the portfolio controls the linking. However, if the ebooks on different platforms represent the same edition/manifestation of the title, they need to share the bib record.

Before getting started, note:

  • your PO Line reference number (POL-[numbers])
  • the MMS ID of the title of the bib you want to use instead of the one that got created during the order.

It is likely that a new bib record will get created if we have been using an NZ record and the GOBI API selects a CZ record. In this case we should prefer the NZ record, so we will :

  1. associate the PO Line with it by changing the bib reference
  2. update the old portfolio by adding the PO line and updating the users

We also need to delete any unneeded bibs and portfolios; this can best be done while we're working on the second step.

Change Bib Reference

The following process assumes your new purchase simply added users to a title we already had users on. For example, perhaps we had a one-user license for a title in EBSCO ebooks, and you purchased an additional 3-user license.

Find the PO Line for the new purchase and go into Edit mode.

  1. Click the button labeled Change Bib Reference.
  2. At the confirmation dialog, click Confirm.
  3. You will then get a selection of titles that includes the current bib. It may also include the bib that you want to relink to; if so, select it. If not, use the search boxes to find it using the MMS Id.
  4. Click any confirmation dialogs to complete the process.

So now, the PO Line has been removed from the new bib and is linked to the existing bib.

Update the Portfolios

Delete the portfolio that you no longer want to use.

  1. When viewing the portfolio in Alma search results, click the More Actions button
  2. Select Delete
  3. When asked what to do about bib records without inventory, select Delete bibliographic record(s). Note that this will warn you that the PO line will be unlinked. We want that, it's good.

And now we'll update the old portfolio with the new PO line information.

  1. Find the old portfolio--it will be attached to the bib you relinked to earlier--and go into Edit mode.
  2. Click the Acquisition tab.
  3. If there is no PO line listed there--this will be the case in migrated ebooks--enter the PO line reference number in the PO Line field.
  4. If there is already a PO line number there, click Add Additional [sic] PO Line (near bottom-right).
  5. Enter the new PO line number, allow the system to find it, select it, and click Add Additional PO Line.
  6. Go the Notes tab and update the number of users to the correct number.

If instead of additional users you have purchased the same title on a different platform, then you will still change the bib reference in the PO line, but updating the portfolio will work differently. You will use the Relink to another bibliographic record button in the new portfolio to associate the portfolio with the old bib. Then you will need to delete the unneeded bib record.


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