When do we share vendors district-wide and when do we create per-college vendors?


Note on conventions: When creating a vendor, the code should begin with your college's first letter, so a for ARC, c for CRC, etc. It is also helpful to add a dash and your college acronym to the end of the vendor name.

Materials Suppliers with college-level purchasing

We do most of our purchasing at the college level. So to avoid confusion, we create our own college-level materials supplier vendors. Here is how GOBI looks for SCC:

  • Code: sgobi
  • Name: GOBI - SCC

Access providers

Vendors with type access provider should always be at the district level. So here is what EBSCO looks like:

  • Code: lebsco
  • Name: EBSCO - LRCCD

Materials Suppliers for district-level or cooperative purchases

In cases where the district does the purchasing or we cooperate on a group purchase, the materials supplier should be at the district level. Example:

  • Code: lgale
  • Name: Gale - LRCCD


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