How do I merge bibliographic records?


When duplicate records exist, it is possible to for instance relink holdings, items and/or portfolios to the preferred record and then change the bib reference on the PO line. However, using Alma's merge functionality is extremely helpful because some of these processes will be combined, and if the record is on a course reading list, that will also be sent to the preferred record.

Find the records and push them the metadata editor.

Two records selected and pushed to metadata editor

Here we have an NZ record and a CZ record. Our goal is to transfer the PO line and portfolio from the CZ record to the NZ record. Again, in the event that the CZ record is on a reading list, that would also be transferred.

The records can only be merged if they are both in the IZ. So next, in the MDE, we will copy them both to catalog, severs the link to the CZ or NZ, respectively. Save each record after copying to catalog.

Copy record to catalog

Next we will put our preferred (NZ) record in the MDE, then open the split view and load the secondary (non-preferred, CZ-sourced) record in it.

Click editor split mode icon

Two records displayed in split mode

Place the cursor anywhere in the left (preferred) pane to select it. Then click Record Actions, Merge & Combine. This will bring up a dialogue asking you to select a merge routine. Assuming you just want the preferred record, simply select "Keep old value." You will have the opportunity to preview the record as it will be once it's merged. Choose to delete the secondary record once the records are merged.

Merge Records and Combine Inventory dialogue

Click OK (you may need to scroll down to see the button). Cross your fingers as you do this.

You will find that the record now exists in your IZ with the inventory, PO lines, and courses combined on it.

If the preferred record was an NZ record, return to the MDE. Record Actions, Share with Network, View Matches, Link.

Note that for electronic resources, you may need to clean up the portfolio situation. For most collections we share portfolios at Los Rios. So you will need to consolidate the PO Line information and any user access notes under the older portfolio and delete the newer one.


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