How do I link a book to the correct Network Zone bib record?


Brief records

Titles ordered using the GOBI API are placed in the Network Zone (NZ).  If your library is the first library in the NZ to order the title, you may find your holdings attached to a brief bibliographic record with an OCLC number in the 035 field.  Once the item has been received, it will be included in an OCLC publishing job which will import the full OCLC record.  However, this may take a few days after the item has been received.  Since we often rely on the 050 field in the bib record for generating an appropriate call number in the holdings record, you may want to import the full record immediately.

If you would like to import the full WorldCat record immediately, you can do the following:

  1. Copy the OCLC number from the 035 field
  2. Locate the record in WorldCat Connexion
  3. Export the record to the Network Zone

Incorrect records

Occasionally, books received do not match the bibliographic record used to order the title and a better record will need to be located.  

Use the following steps to relink your library's holdings, item and associated PO Line to the correct record.

In Connexion

  1. Locate or create an appropriate record in WorldCat Connexion. 
  2. Export the record to the Network Zone, and note the OCLC number.

In Alma

  1. Open the original bib record in the Metadata Editor (MDE).  This is the title with which the PO Line, holdings, and items are currently associated.
  2. Go to Record Actions and select Copy to Catalog. This creates an unlinked IZ record, which you will modify next.Copy to Catalog dialog in the Metadata Editor
  3. In your newly unlinked IZ record, delete all 035 fields except for the first one that includes an OCLC number. Remove everything after (OCoLC). If no 035 field for OCLC exists, choose Editing Actions > Add Field and include 035 $$a (OCoLC)
  4. Add the new OCLC number after 035 $$a (OCoLC).
  5. Save the record.
  6. Share the IZ record with the NZ by going to Record Actions > Share with Network
  7. You will be prompted with the following message: Matched record/s exist in the catalog, do you want to view them before saving?  Select Yes
  8. You will see the existing NZ record open in a split screen in the MDE.
  9. Select Link to merge your IZ record with the appropriate NZ record.Link to matching record


The IZ record is now linked to the NZ record. Note that it can take some time for the record that displays in the IZ to update its MARC display. However, you can confirm that the link is active by viewing the bib in Alma and clicking the NZ icon to see the linked record.


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