I'm staffing global chat for my library. How can I let other operators know I'm unavailable for local chats?


Local chat: Refers to chats to a Los Rios Library department (ARC, CRC, FLC, SCC)

Global chat (aka Co-Op chat): Refers to the CCC-Academic and Academic Global cooperative which contribute to 24/7 chat coverage for our libraries. Each LRCCD library contributes weekly staffing hours to these cooperatives. 

A librarian will be scheduled to monitor either local or global chat during a single shift. Each librarian's chat settings will default to monitor the local departments for the Los Rios Libraries. When a librarian is scheduled to cover global chat, they will need to adjust their monitoring settings in LibCal. 

Settings for Monitoring Global/Co-OP Chat

Log into LibChat

Select the "Settings" tab. (Note: Within the Settings tab there are two tabs: one for Local Monitoring and one for Co-Op Monitoring.)

Select the "Local Monitoring" tab. 

Set all the Local Departments to "offline". 

Libchat status and settings tab set local monitoring to offline

Select the "Co-Op Monitoring" tab. 

Set the Co-Op Departments to "online"

Libchat status and settings set co-op monitoring to online

When you close LibChat and reopen it for your next shift, the settings will revert to the default (online for local chat and offline for global chat). 

Important: Don't forget to clock in and out of Global shifts through LibStaffer. 

Libchat status message to clock in/out of libstaffer



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