How do I add or subtract user access for an existing Digital Representation?


The Los Rios libraries have decided to share records for digital representations. If a digital representation already exists, you can edit the amount of users able to access it, rather than each college scanning their books separately. 

This LRCQ will walk you through how to 

  • Change the Access Rights Policy on the Digital Representation
  • Create a new Access Rights Policy to reflect the amount of users able to access the book concurrently

Change Access Rights Policy on Digital Representation

First, locate the physical book you are adding to the digital representation. Change the item location to your CDL location, and place the physical item with the other CDL books.

Locate Digital Representation you wish to edit in Alma. 

Open the Digital Representation Resource Editor by clicking on the Digital Textbook link of the representation's Alma search result.

In the General Information > Properties section, click on the Access Rights field > Select from list. Select the correct Access Rights Policy from the Access Rights Policy List. If you do not see an Access Rights Policy with the correct number of concurrent users, please create one or contact a librarian with the correct Alma role to create one.

Edit the Public Note field to reflect the new Access Rights Policy.

Save the Digital Representation. 


Creating an Access Rights Policy

To create an Access Rights Policy, you must have either the General System Administrator or the Fulfillment Administrator role. If you do not have one of these roles, please contact your college's Systems Librarian.

Go to Alma Configuration > Fulfillment > Copyright Management > Access Rights.

Find the Access Rights Policy closest to the new policy you wish to create, click the 3 dots on the right, and choose Duplicate.

Change the Name to reflect to new number of concurrent users.

In the Rules section, click the 3 dots and select Edit

In Details, edit the name to reflect the new number of concurrent users.

In Expressions, edit the Concurrent users (3 dots > Edit) to reflect the new number of concurrent users. Save.

Save Access Rights Rules page.

Save Access Rights Policy page.


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