How do we manage "Display in Discovery" so that each college can use it?


In Alma, bibs and portfolios show a Display in Discovery option in the More Actions menu. This opens the associated bib record in the view that is marked as default in Discovery - Configure Views. In our setup, we have created a "default" view specifically for this purpose.

Configure Views screens shwoing default Primo VE view

We do not share this view with students or other Primo VE users—it is only there for Display in Discovery.

This view has some JavaScript applied in the customization package that shows buttons in the full display leading to our main views.

Record showing college view links

The result is that, if an activated resource has group settings applied, we might not see the full text link in the default view, but if we click through to the main college view, we will see relevant links.

The JavaScript is available via our GitHub repository. See components prmSearchResultAvailabilityLineAfter and lrViewButtons. Adapting this for other Primo VE institutions should be possible if you change the values of the following properties:

  • vm.institutionCode
  • vm.views array - change values of view, scope, and tab.
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