How do I report a problem if I'm having access issues with an electronic resource?


The "Report a Problem" icon appears within OneSearch and some EBSCO products and can be used when electronic material isn't linking properly. Alternatively, LRCCD librarians can transfer or submit a manual report through the LibAnswers interface. Here are details:

Using the Report a Problem Icon

If you're in OneSearch when the problem occurs, simply click the Report a Problem Icon to initiate the report. This gives ERM librarians all the information they need to investigate the issue.

report a problem icon in OneSearch

Transfer a Ticket in LibAnswers

If a ticket has already been created (most likely by a non-Los Rios librarian during a Co-op chat session) and the transcript indicates there are linking issues, you can transfer it to the Problem Report queue. Here's how:

  1. Click the Assign/Transfer tab at the top of the ticket
  2. In the Transfer to box drop-down select Queue
  3. In the Select a queue to transfer to drop-down pick Problem reports
  4. Leave the Do not assign to a specific user box alone
  5. You can type a message in the box if necessary
  6. You can upload a file or screenshot if necessary
  7. You can add yourself to be CCd in the bottom box if desired or click the check-mark by your name to remove it if you don't care to see the resolution
  8. In the bottom drop-down select Submit as open - the ticket will now transfer to the Problem Reports queue

Screen Shot of Steps to Transfer a Ticket

steps 1-8 to transfer a ticket in LibAnswers

Create a New Ticket in LibAnswers

  1. Click Tickets & FAQs in the upper tool bar and select Create Ticket or FAQ
  2. Click the radial next to Initiated by Patron
  3. In the Queue drop-down select Problem reports
  4. In the Question box provide brief details of the problem
  5. In the Question Details box provide as much information as possible including links to the problem and screenshots if possible
  6. In the Asked by (name) box provide your name or leave it blank if you prefer to remain anonymous
  7. In the Asked by (email) box provide your email address or leave it blank if you prefer to not be notified if the problem is resolved.
  8. Click the blue Create Ticket box at the bottom of the page

Screenshot of Steps to Create a New Ticket

steps 1-8 to create a new ticket in LibAnswers



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