How do I print and pay for printing in the Library?

The printing system at the Library is called PaperCut. You can add money to your PaperCut account using any computer on campus, or at the pay station at the Library's second floor.

Step One: Add money to your PaperCut account

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to PaperCut with your student ID (w#) and Los Rios password. Add money to your PaperCut account using a credit card.

    Or, add money to your PaperCut account using cash or a credit card. Begin by logging into the pay station located on the Library's 2nd floor near the Research Help Desk (pay station pictured below).

PaperCut pay station in the Library second floor

Step Two: Log in to PaperCut and upload your document

  1. Once logged into PaperCut on your laptop or a Library computer, click Web Print to send your print job. From the list of printers, select Sacramento City College - choose either the B&W (black and white) printer or the color printer.
  2. Visit one of the four release stations located on the Library's 2nd floor. You will log in to a release station with your W ID number and Los Rios password in order to pay for and release your print job.

    Three of the release stations are black-and-white printers (pictured below). The color printer release station is on the east side of the Library.

Print release stations in the Library second floor

Printing costs

Printing costs 10 cents a page for black-and-white and 55 cents a page for color.

Sending jobs from your device

To print from a personal device documents/files need to be uploaded to the Los Rios PaperCut website in your device browser. This means printing from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is only possible if the file is saved in your device files (e.g. photos, iCloud, etc.), rather than within an application like Canvas. Therefore it is recommended that you print from your laptop or from a computer in the library rather than from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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