Why can't I find a video I was using recently?

This problem crops up all too frequently. Please don't just assume the video is gone for good! The library is experienced at navigating these access glitches and can often restore titles that have gone missing.

If you were recently using a video but it is no longer showing up, there are a few reasons this might have happened:

  1. Our license to the video has expired. If this is the case, we will most likely be able to re-license it.
  2. The video was pulled from a particular platform (such as Films on Demand or Kanopy) that you were using to access it, but it is still available on a different platform.
  3. The link has changed or the video can no longer be found by searching Films on Demand. Because of the way Films on Demand is set up at Los Rios, this happens occasionally.
  4. The video is no longer available from a vendor that is willing to license it to us.

So what can you do about it?

First, try searching OneSearch for the title. If our access to the title changed but it's still in our collection, OneSearch will provide the current way to access it.

If you still can't find it, fill out the SCC Faculty Video Request form. A link to the current version of this form may always be found on the Library Faculty Services page.

You can also try reaching out to a librarian via the Ask a Librarian service found on most library web pages or ask a librarian you know. We realize this might be an urgent situation and we'll do what we can to provide the resources you count on.

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