How do I renew a book?

First, most things that you check out at the various Los Rios libraries are set up to be renewed automatically. But if that doesn't happen, you can go to your library account and do it manually.

From the Overview area of you library account, select Renew All.

Renew all button from Overview tab of My Library Account

Or, from the Loans tab, select Renew for items individually. This technique is helpful if you want to renew just some of your items.

Renew button on Loans tab of My Library Account

Note that when you renew an item manually, it is renewed from the moment you renew it. Here's an example: let's say I've checked out a book with a three-week (21-day) loan period. It's due March 7. On March 1, I manually renew it. The new due date will be March 21. If I waited for it to be renewed automatically, it would be renewed on March 7, with a new due date of March 28.

There are a few reasons that you might be unsuccessful or only partially successful in renewing a book:

  1. Another student has requested the book. In this event, the item cannot be renewed, and you should be sure to return it by its due date to give the next student their chance to use it.
  2. The semester is ending. You cannot renew a book past the end of the semester, so even if it's a three-week loan period, if you renew it just a few days before the semester ends, it will not add another three weeks to the loan.
  3. You have withdrawn from classes. In this case your library privileges end, so you won't be able renew the book.
  4. You have a block on your account. This can happen in cases where you have overdue library materials or excessive fines on your account.

If you're having trouble with renewals and want individual assistance, please contact the Circulation Desk at (916) 558-2301.

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