How do I transfer funds from my old print card or student ID to PaperCut?

Step 1: Visit a PaperCut pay station

SCC has two pay stations: one in the Library (2nd floor) and one in the Student Services Building (1st floor).

PaperCut pay station in the Library

Step 2: Use the pay station to transfer funds to your PaperCut account

  1. Touch the screen and select Log in without card
  2. Type in your Los Rios credentials and log in to your PaperCut account
  3. Select the Add value button
  4. Select the Cash option
  5. Insert the old print or ID magnetic card. At this point the funds from the card will transfer to your PaperCut account, and your new balance is shown on the screen.
  6. Exit the session and take your card back.

Step 3: Log in to PaperCut to view your balance or add funds

From a computer, log in to

Note: To access this site, you will need to be on campus with your device and logged in to the Los Rios WiFi (Network: LRCCD)

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