What is LibKey Nomad and how do I use it?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that detects when a journal article (or, in some cases, ebook) on a web page you're visiting is available to you via your library's subscriptions. You do not need to first log in to the library for this to happen—LibKey Nomad just sits in the background and shows you access buttons when it finds an available article. You'll even see this next to article paywalls, which is so satisfying.

"Download PDF" button next to article paywall

You'll see these buttons in various places: publisher sites, Wikipedia, even Amazon.

Your librarians recommend you use LibKey Nomad.

This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and various other browsers. As a browser extension, it monitors your browsing activity, but LibKey's vendor, Third Iron, has what we at the library consider to be a very good privacy policy. Of course, you should review that policy yourself.

Maybe if you use LibKey Nomad, you too will experience the joy that the researchers in this video from the vendor are feeling:

To find LibKey Nomad and learn more about it, use the links below.

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