How do I access the Chronicle of Higher Education?

The Los Rios Libraries provide a district-wide site license for the Chronicle of Higher Education. All Los Rios employees and students can access content at no cost.

Access via the Library

Find the Chronicle of Higher Education through the SCC Library Research Databases > C. The direct link to is

Create a account to subscribe to newsletters

If you create a account, you can access it without needing to go through the Library's website. Creating a account and using those credentials to log in from any device will allow you to quickly access articles you come across on the web or social media, and also allows you to sign up for customized email newsletters.

  1. After getting the using the SCC-specific link, click Sign In in the top right corner of the Chronicle website.

    Chronicle sign in area

  2. Click Sign Up and create a username and password (you can use any email address – it does not need to be Los Rios email).
  3. To sign up for newsletters, click on the account icon in the top right while signed in.

  4. Enjoy! Please contact the library with any questions.
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