Why do I see a library fee in eServices?

Important: Some of the information described below is not yet live but will be launched within the spring 2024 semester. This FAQ has been provided as a preview.


Library items are marked as lost shortly after they become overdue.  Once the item is lost, you are responsible for paying the replacement cost.

Check your Library Account to view the status of your current loans, and to see details of any fees that are owed.

Fee balance in My Account

If you still have the item that is associated with the fee, please return it promptly.  Once the item has been returned, you will no longer owe the replacement cost.

Where can I return library items?

If the library item is not returned, you are responsible for paying the replacement cost.

How can I pay my library fees?

What should I do if my library item was lost, damaged or stolen?

Answered By: Amy Brinkley
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