How does the library fee payment integration with eServices work?


Important: The process described below is not yet live but will be launched within the spring 2024 semester. This FAQ has been provided as a preview for library staff. Please direct questions to your Systems or Access Services representatives.


The Los Rios Libraries have an integration setup with the bursar system, PeopleSoft, which allows students to pay library fees through their self-service account in eServices or at the Business Services Office (BSO).  

How are fees assessed and transferred to PeopleSoft?

Lost Item Replacement Fees are assessed by the Change-to-lost-type Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles in Alma. These profiles run once per day at 4:00 pm. Staff may also manually mark items as lost from Manage Patron Services.

Each day at 6:00 pm, Alma exports all active fees to a file on the library FTP server. When the fee is exported, its status in Alma changes from Active to Transferred.  A district IT process retrieves the fee information from the library server and adds the fee to the student account in PeopleSoft (aka eServices). 

How are fees paid in PeopleSoft and transferred to Alma?

Students may pay fees at any time via credit card using eServices. During business hours, they may pay via credit card, cash, or check at the Business Services Office (BSO).

  • When in eServices, students must pay all fees listed (e.g. registration fees, library fees, etc.). When paying at BSO, staff will apply payments to any individual fees the student wishes to pay (e.g. registration fees only).
  • When using eServices, students must pay the entirety of any given fee in addition to all other line items listed. When paying at BSO, they can pay in full or in part. Note: BSO does not accept credit-card payment over the phone. If students cannot visit in person, they may mail a check.

When a fee is paid, PeopleSoft sends that information to the library FTP server. Each day at 6:00 pm, Alma imports the files and updates patron records. If the payment is partial, the transferred balance is updated. If the payment is in full, the balance is set to 0 and the fee status in Alma changes to Closed.

How are fees waived in Alma and transferred to PeopleSoft?

Staff may waive fees from the Alma user account. Alma exports credits once a day at 6:00 pm and the credits are updated in PeopleSoft (eServices). 

Important: When waiving fees, the full amount (100%) of the fee must be waived in order to ensure that PeopleSoft (eServices) is updated properly. To waive a partial amount, first have the student pay the amount agreed upon at BSO. After Alma has been updated to show that payment, waive the remaining amount.

How are users credited when they return a lost item they were previously billed for?

When users return a lost item they were previously billed for, an automatic script notes the return, waives the fee, and updates any Alma blocks. This process should happen quickly after the return is processed. The patron's PeopleSoft account will also be updated automatically to remove the library fees for the item.

If you scan in a return and then check the patron's fine/fee tab in the user record and the fee is still on the patron's account, please report the transaction to your systems and access services librarians (provide the wID and barcode). 

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